The History of Ksubi + New Collabs

The History of Ksubi + New Collabs

Dive into the rich history of Ksubi, an iconic brand that emerged in 2000 from the streets of Sydney, Australia. From its inception, Ksubi set out to challenge the fashion norms and celebrate individuality.

Born as a group of surfers and artists, Ksubi disrupted the scene with their pioneering distressed denim and rock 'n' roll aesthetic. Their designs pushed boundaries, combining bold graphics, unconventional cuts, and edgy details that captivated a generation seeking self-expression through fashion.

As the brand gained momentum, it expanded its influence globally, captivating fashion enthusiasts and rule-breakers alike worldwide. The opening of flagship stores in Sydney, Melbourne, New York, and Los Angeles solidified Ksubi's presence as a force to be reckoned with in the streetwear industry.

Longtime Ksubi Fan, A$AP TyY has teamed up for a nine-piece, moto-inspired collection. Hero pieces include two racing jerseys designed with co-branded KSUBI & A$AP custom artwork. Faded wash techniques on iconic slim-fit Ksubi denim, given a moto-style treatment with oil stain effects, ‘gravel splatter’ artwork on the back of the garments.


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