Honor The Gift Moving Russ Steps Closer to Billionaire Status

Honor The Gift Moving Russ Steps Closer to Billionaire Status

Russell Westbrook's prime as an all-star may be in the rearview mirror, but the NBA standout remains optimistic about his promising future beyond the basketball court.

The nine-time All-Star recently shared with Forbes' Matt Craig his ambitious goal of achieving billionaire status in the near future. He expressed his mindset with the mantra, "Why not?" and emphasized, "I live by that." Notably, he pointed out his historic achievement of averaging a triple-double four times, which had not been accomplished in the NBA for 75 years. It's worth noting that Westbrook has accumulated a significant $336.4 million in earnings throughout his NBA career, along with an additional approximately $200 million from endorsements and business ventures, according to Craig's report. As a result, his total net worth is estimated at $375 million. 

Craig wrote Westbrook has his own streetwear brand, Honor The Gift, but that Russell Westbrook Enterprises (RWE) is where the foundation of an empire could be laid. RW Digital, a digital advertising business launched by the 2016-17 MVP, has a number of notable commercial partners and is expected to generate $37 million in revenue. Through RWE, he's also exploring a foray into the automotive parts industry.

"It's not a sexy business by any means, but it's a very lucrative business that grows exponentially," Westbrook said to Craig. "It clicked for me in my brain. It's like, non-sexy is sexy for me."

Craig estimated that a portfolio similar to Westbrook's could require almost 20 years to hit a $1 billion valuation.

The skills required to become an elite basketball player are certainly much different than the ones for success in business. But Westbrook's dogged determination is one reason why he put himself on a Hall of Fame trajectory in the NBA, and it will serve him well in his next career. 

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