• FLYING ACE WALLET 863-16812-30
  • FLYING ACE WALLET 863-16812-30


FLYING ACE WALLET 863-16812-30


Utilizing the details of US AIR FORCE's nylon flying suit "FLYING SUIT / TYPE K-2A" manufactured in the early 1950s as a motif, it has the highest characteristics of military gear, "high practicality, functionality and durability" are all at play in this wallet.

Each item is scattered with specifications that fit everyday life, while incorporating details found in military equipment at the time. The main zipper has a full-tanning cowhide leather pull attached to the wire automatic slider, and the other zipper has a semi-automatic slider with an original PORTER stamp. All models except the string strap (17043) are sewn with original spec tags based on the woven label, which describes the standards for procuring military supplies, and are based on Insignia, which also indicates nationality and units. Original Insignia "PY AIR FORCE" print.