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It was during the late 60s in Southern California where a small Rubber Company by the name of Van Doren first opened its doors. Within a few years, the label we know today as Vans, rapidly grew into one of the leading forces within the world of action sportswear.

Driven by the self-expression and creativity of skate culture, the iconic label looked to art, music and streetwear for inspiration. Carefully embodying the essence of a contemporary "Southern California" lifestyle, each piece combines function and style with classic designs and modern technologies.

For their latest line of footwear, Vans has revamped several of our favorite silhouettes with the use of new materials, colorways and patterns. From vintage floral designs to crocodile leather, this year's Fall collection definitely doesn't disappoint. Be sure to check out our online shop or stop by our Rideau location (184 Rideau) to check out the latest line of women's footwear from Vans!

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