We’re Definitely Not Over Overalls

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When I hear the word overalls, the first thing that pops in to my head is 90’s sitcoms. Ashley (or Mary Kate) Olsen on Full House chasing the family dog around in her denim suspender-clad playsuit. Also popular in the 90’s were mood rings and frosted tips, and we definitely aren’t suggesting that those make a comeback. But for us, the overall trend is definitely in the forecast this season. 

The best thing about overalls is their ability to be part of an outfit in any season. Want to wear them with a tank and cuffed legs in 30 degree heat? Cute! Keeping them cozy with a vintage pullover and Doc Martens? Equally cute! Overalls are one of the very few pieces in your wardrobe that don’t need to be put away at the end of a season- and who doesn’t love a little versatility? 

The second best thing about a good pair of overalls is the fact that they generally cover both the shirt AND pants portion of your ensemble. I am a person who is always almost late. By almost late I mean that I’m never actually late, but I am consistently rushed. This results in far too many half eaten breakfasts, forgotten assignments, and mediocre makeup jobs. That being said, I am the romper queen. Any piece that brings my morning outfit decisions down from two to one is the single greatest life hack of all time. And overalls, my friends, are a lot like rompers. You don't have to worry about if your top and bottom match because they are literally ATTACHED. Pure genius. 

These overalls by Cheap Monday are a modern take on the classic staple overalls. With a  dark wash and silver detailing, they will literally match with every top you own. Stop by NRML Femme today and try a pair on. Who knows, it might be a nostalgic experience.

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