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Born from the desire to create versatile pieces that would fit "the many faces of everyday fashion," Vitaly was first envisioned in Bali, Indonesia. Taking his dream back to Toronto, designer Shane Vitaly Foran launched Vitaly in 2011.

Growing successfully throughout the years and even making an appearance on Dragon's Den, the label has become renowned for their uniquely designed and high quality pieces. Experimenting with a range of materials from stainless steel and titanium to tungsten and ceramics, their latest line introduces several new silhouettes inspired by ancient weaponry.

Commonly known for its unique shape and deadly strength, the Kunai pendant takes its influence from an ancient Japanese weapon , while the Protegir pendant, Catalan for "protect" takes on the silhouette of a small shield. To complete the lineup, the Maile bracelet takes its design cues from the protective chain mail worn by European warriors throughout history.

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