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Using her own muses and motivations for inspiration, founder Vanessa Mooney established her unique and creative namesake label in 2009.

Embodying the essence of all things artistic and creative, each beautifully handcrafted piece is based on influences from a "multitude of eras, revolutions and walks of life." Uniquely and intricately designed, Vanessa Mooney was created for the free-spirited girl who possesses a strong passion to travel and explore.

Taking inspiration from the spontaneity, curiosity and freedom that comes along with summer, the latest lines displays a look that is vintage, sophisticated and boho-chic. Featuring stunning rings, bracelets and chokers that are "delicate enough to be layered yet bold enough to wear alone," Vanessa Mooney jewelry is now available at NRML Femme (184 Rideau, 2nd Floor).

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