Turtlenecks No More: How to Winterize your Summer Wardrobe

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Ottawa’s winters are unforgiving- I get it. The influx of ice and snow makes you want to bundle up in all things warm (and soft, and layered, and wind breaking). Unfortunately, a winter parka and clunky boots have the ability to throw off your best ensemble. 
I am a firm believer in the notion that warmth always comes first. I am the first one to advocate for the “beauty should not be pain” camp, because winters are far too long to suffer in style. But, I also like to look good. As you might have guessed, these opposing viewpoints put me at an impasse. How can I possibly maintain a great look while braving the elements? 
Never fear. With this key question in mind, I have brought to you the perfect guide to winterizing your summer clothes- reworking “warm weather” pieces, so that you can wear them in even the coldest conditions. 
The look we’ve modelled for you in this blog contains head-to-toe Cheap Monday apparel, all available at our 184 Rideau Street location. We started with a traditional “summer” dress. Though it’s not floral or pink or anything that screams “tropical,” this LBD boasts a sky-high slit and an open back. At first glance, it’s the perfect summer outfit. 
Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for- the transformation. Step one is the ultimate fur coat. We picked this faux grey number by Cheap Monday, that is as toasty as it looks. Paired with a thick wool toque and scarf set, and chunky, durable creeper-style boots, this look is the perfect mix of fashion and function. 
The next time you wake up to a blizzard, don’t lose hope. Instead, make your way to NRML Femme and let us help you build an Ottawa-friendly wardrobe with basic pieces that can transform your summer attire. Sunnier days are on the horizon ladies, but in the meantime make your wallet happy and recycle your summer looks. Happy shopping! 

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