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Inspired by the "Just Passing Through" mentality of surf culture, Reef was initially founded in 1984 by Fernando and Santiago Aguerre.

Drawing on the spirit of the global traveler and with a strong desire to create high-quality active wear, the South American brothers moved to Southern California. Beginning with their iconic open-toe sandal, the label has since become one of today's leading brands in surf and beach culture.

Teaming up with renowned Japanese designer Masafumi Watanabe of Bedwin and The Heartbreakers, the two labels have launched a collaborative collection of apparel and footwear that places a new twist on Reef's classic California surf aesthetic.Perfect for the guy who is stylish yet desires comfort, the versatile men's apparel line from Reef x M.W. is now available online and in-store at NRML (184 Rideau).

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