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As NRML celebrates its 20th year, the rest of the country is doing the same for Canada’s 150th anniversary. With these two milestones falling in the same year, the opportunity was clear and it was only natural to honour them both together. With our heritage and history playing such a key role in the design and inspiration for this project, it was a priority that the shoe be manufactured in North America. As one of the only major footwear manufacturers to still do this, the partnership between NRML and New Balance was a perfect match.

As our nation’s capital, Ottawa is home to both the Parliament of Canada and NRML, Canada’s premier street wear boutique since 1997. With Parliament Hill itself just a few blocks from our front door this quickly became the collaborations main source of inspiration.

Parliament’s distinctly green roof is recognized coast-to-coast, and it was the coppers natural shade of rust we considered most important to truly capture the look of these national icons. For this reason this colour was the primary feature and should be the first to catch your attention. Playing off the buildings aged finish even further, the side panels and upper are composed of rich beige, a nod to the cream coloured sandstone used throughout. Subtle hits of metallic silver can be found around the shoe as reference to the windows and metal f center blocks Peace Tower, while the sole’s white and grey are taken from the grounds themselves.

Only 150 pairs of the NRML x New Balance 998 have been hand crafted, one for every year of Canada.

The NRML x New Balance 998 'Parliamentary Runner' will be available first come, first served at NRML on Saturday, July 1st in very limited quantities. 


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