Keeping it Cool with Alpha Industries

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Alpha industries, founded in 1959 in Tennessee, is an American clothing manufacture. The company began as a contractor for the united states military developing flight jackets and other military accessories. Today the brand creates replicas of famous military jackets as well as army inspired casual apparel. Although Alpha values staying true to its american roots in regards to design and style, much of their products today are made in China.

The MA-1 bomber has proven to be a staple for all seasons but this time they bring something a little new to the table.

The MA-1 souvenir jacket pays respects to the U.S. soldiers and pilots who customized there jackets upon returning home from WWI. Popular designs included tigers, eagles, dragons, and maps of areas they had served in while abroad.

Alpha industries returns to NRML with a limited run of military inspired bombers and souvenir jackets for the Spring/Summer season.

Available in-store and online now!

Photo set by Kofi Ampofo


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