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Bloodbath, by definition is aggressive and violent. By design it is clean and simple. Think of it as a balanace between opposites. Made up of two words: Blood means life, family, passion, sacrifice, and martyrdom. Bath means cleanliness, being fully immersed in what you do, as an enjoyable meditation.

Taking all of these aspects into account Bloodbath strives to create quality clothing for the consumer who aims to be a little different, and not just follow the hottest trends. Creating clothing for people to actually live in, not something seen on a runway but in the streets. Each piece has a story behind it and has been careful thought out.

NRML is pleased to introduce Bloodbath to our strong list of brands. Look for Bloodbath’s Fall/Winter ’15 collection now available in-store at NRML (184 Rideau) while quantities last.

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