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Founded by Daniel and Carla Hogg roughly 10 years ago, Gentle Fawn is known for their clean and modern aesthetic.

Initially inspired by a collection of rare antique ceramic fawns, the label strives to maintain an air of gentle delicacy through their contemporary and imaginative line of apparel. Perfect for the girl who loves casual wear however doesn't want to overshadow her femininity, Gentle Fawn has become renowned for their high quality pieces that are both stylish and affordable.

Maintaining the brand's vision of bringing personality and subtle flare to every piece, their latest line of Autumn wear makes transitioning from the warmer to cooler weather a cinch! Featuring everything you'll need to layer your favorite pieces from bralettes to dresses, the collection offers all of your fall essentials in an array of beautifully rich colorways and prints.

Stop by our Rideau location (184 Rideau, 2nd Floor) and check out the latest Autumn line from Gentle Fawn. For those who don't live in the city, the collection is also available online

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