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Always striving to provide apparel that was "Best in Class," the Spring 2015 collection from Carhart WIP has arrived at NRML.

Founded in 1994, the Work in Progress (WIP) line continues to introduce new and progressive elements of style to the legendary and extensive Carhartt heritatge.Taking inspiration from traditional US heritage garments and the European urban scene, the line's authentic, high quality and durable Carhartt pieces quickly became a great success.

Maintaining the brand's core values and continuously adapting work wear fits to suit the active lifestyle of urban communities, the latest Spring 2015 collection features all your necessary wardrobe staples. Displaying various prints from camo to spring appropriate florals along with several neutral toned pieces, the collection offers a variety of tees, hoodies, denim, hats and outerwear.

Catering to several different styles, the Spring 2015 Collection from Carhartt WIP is now available at NRML (184 Rideau) and NRML Select (318 Richmond).

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