adidas consortium X saint aLFrEd GaZELLE oG GtX

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The latest adidas Consortium footwear comes in collaboration with Saint Alfred, the retailer and brand based in Wicker Park, Chicago. Saint Alfred and adidas Consortium re-imagine the classic adidas Gazelle, combining considered premium materials with durable technology and timeless style.

The Gazelle has travelled the globe. For almost five decades it has proved to be a sneaker that can endure performance on field and everyday wear: thrashed by skateboarders, worn by soccer/football fans, and on stage by rappers and guitarists. Generally perceived as a summer shoe, this iteration seeks to rebuff that.

Chicago is a style and cultural powerhouse but life in the Midwestern city requires apparel that functions. The city is known for its unpredictable weather and this Gazelle is designed to both withstand harsh conditions while still looking refined.

The subtle off-white suede upper has been treated to be water repellent and the lining is reinforced with a GORE-TEX® membrane - breathable and weather resistant – with a tongue gusset to keep the interior dry. Heel, collar and tongue are made from soft leather and the Gazelle’s classic silhouette is undisturbed by the design innovations.

This year the Gazelle is having a real moment with a contemporary style-conscious crowd. adidas Consortium and Saint Alfred have designed the shoe for 2016 with the understated treatment it deserves.

Look for the Adidas Consortium x St. Alfred Gazelle OG GTX to release this Saturday October 29th in limited quantities at NRML (184 Rideau)!

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