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Q. Your favorite shopping city ?

Todd: Tokyo, Japan

Q. Your favorite store ?

There are many to list.  Lets just say I try to support everyone as much as I can!

Q. Your first sneaker memory growing up?

Todd: My first set of real sneakers was when I was in the 3rd grade.  I was lucky to have a older brother who knew how to dress and what he would wear, my father would get me the same things as he wore.  I got my first Converse Chuck Taylors in all white and my brother laced them up with Fat Black Laces so I could just slip them on.  He told me I probably can’t use these shoes for Running as they would just slip off, and I did my best to try and preserve the cleanliness of the shoe.  I was instantly hooked to nice looking shoes/sneakers from a early age.

Q. What brands are you wearing these days?

Todd: Levis, Vans and Blank Black tees.

Q. What are you currently reading?

Todd: Haven’t picked up a book in a while.  I have a lot I need to catch up on.

Q. Which music artists you feeling as of late?

Todd: I have been pretty closed minded to whats happening nowadays.  Been listening to some electro and downtempo.  Music that keeps the brain stimulated.

Q. Where’s your next travel to? 

Todd: Since I’m in Las Vegas, I am thinking about going to Seattle and visiting Vancouver.

Q. What does a perfect start to your day look like?

Todd: Wake up, feed my dogs, work out on my elliptical and some light weights.  Eat my breakfast then head off to work.  

I don’t really have a daily routine as I believe you should not be stuck in a routine.  I try to do as much as I can do in a days time and then head home for dinner.  I have learned that I can leave work at work and it took me 14 years to realize that I need to make some time for the home life.

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