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Q. Your favorite shopping city ?

David: NYC, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong

Q. Your favorite store ?

David: Nepenthes, Gentry NYC, Steven Alan, Odin

Q. Your first sneaker memory growing up?

David: Going to Jamaica Avenue (Coliseum) in Queens, NY to buy all my back to school needs. XXL Tall t-shirts, sneakers, jerseys, fitted caps. (I’ve come a long from dressing like a member of Dip Set)

Q. What brands are you wearing these days?

David: Engineered Garments, Needles, Post Overalls, Edwin, APC, Visvim, Palace, Reigning Champ, Birkenstock (don’t judge me)  

Q. What are you currently reading?

David: NY Times, Monocle magazine, Japanese street-wear magazines, Old Calvin & Hobbes

Q. Which music artists you feeling as of late?

David: Lil Uzi, French Montana, Young Thug, Future, The Smiths/Morrisey, XX/Jamie XX

Q. Where’s your next travel to?

David: Paris, Paris, Paris.  Work, work, work.

Q. What does a perfect start to your day look like?

David: 0 emails in inbox. Good weather. Good health. Good company. Good food. Good drink.


Name: David Ting
Work Title:  Senior Sales Manager – Adidas Consortium/Statement
Instagram: @dcting
Current City:  NYC

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