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Q. Your favorite shopping city ?

Corey: My favourite shopping city is either Tokyo, or Albany New York. I know it's very random but the clothes I wear are a mixture between real rugged outdoor, and or Japanese specialty brands.

Q. Your favorite store ?

Corey: Oddly enough my favourite store to shop at is Canadian tire. I like to going to Canadian tire and her ask the staff about textiles that they're not really up on and don't even understand why am wearing. It's even more satisfying to drop down a big wad of Canadian tire money to pay for it

 Q. Your first sneaker memory growing up?

Corey: My grandparents used to travel around the world, it was never good enough for me to have local sneakers that were available in Montreal. I remember always going on Saturday mornings to Plattsburgh the nearest town in New York to get whatever the latest bow Jackson or Agassi was

Q. What brands are you wearing these days?

Corey: I'm a bit of an eclectic weirdo, I'm always in a rift para jeans usually down man or from Dope brand. I have a collection of fur coats which I have curated and customized to my specifications. The only T-shirts I ever wear or from a company called Knyew in Las Vegas, and our combination of either white or black. The rest of my clothes are either bathing ape or real tree camo that comes from either Canadian tire or Dick's Sporting Goods. I think it's pretty odd that people would wear a fake version of real camo and pay thousand dollars from a company like that mall when I can spend $1000 on a whole new wardrobe at Canadian tire.

Q. What are you currently reading?

Corey: A book on the history of Gucci which depicts the murders and all of the satire that happen with in the fashion house

Q. Which music artists you feeling as of late?

Corey: In terms of new artist, I really like Dave East I feel like he's one of the only ones it's bringing classic hip-hop to the table.

Q. Where’s your next travel to?

Corey: Next play some travelling to is Miami this week to film a TV show for the discovery channel the weather going to be customizing so my vintage Cadillac collection

Q. What does a perfect start to your day look like?

Corey: A perfect day for me as being woken up by my daughter, bumping into my son in the bathroom saying something absolutely out rages to me. Bringing him in the car to his school while picking up a double espresso along with nonfat foam on top. All the while, face timing my jeweler Nick Bhindi who's probably just going to bed so early in the morning here in seeing that he's in LA. Coming into work and being able to do what I absolutely love no matter what the controversy or unpleasantries that come with being an entrepreneur


Name: Corey Shapiro

Work Title: CEO Vintage Frames Company
Instagram: @VintageFrames

Current City: Montreal

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