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Q. Your favorite shopping city ?


Q. Your favorite store ?

KARSTEN: Tricky one since I don’t want to sympathize with any of my retail partners, haha.

Then it’s Kinokuniya Bookstore 6th Avenue New York.

Q. Your first sneaker memory growing up?

KARSTEN: It all began with the adidas Superstar 35th anniversary back in 2005. I’ve been in favor with adidas since I was a kid, always did all my sports in adi gear. But passion for sneakers outside of sports began with the Superstar 35th anniversary collection. Great to still see some of the old partners within our Consortium network today.

Q. What brands are you wearing these days?

KARSTEN: adidas, Wings&Horns, A Kind of Guise, John Elliott, Arcteryx Veilance, Neighbourhood

Q. What are you currently reading?

KARSTEN: Danish Tattooing by Jon Nordstroem

Q. Which music artists you feeling as of late?

KARSTEN: Favourite artists/bands are Bon Iver, Band of Horses, The National, Bright Eyes, Placebo

Q. Where’s your next travel to?


Q. What does a perfect start to your day look like?

KARSTEN: Happy kids, long shower, cup of fresh mint leaves with hot water and honey, cereals

  • Name – Karsten Beitz
  • Work Title – Global Sales Director adidas Consortium and Statement
  • Instagram – @king.jkt
  • Current City - Nuremberg

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