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Q. Your favorite shopping city ?

Heather: Copenhagen

Q. Your first sneaker memory growing up?

Heather: Growing up in the 80’s LA Gear’s were my first sneaker memory.  All I wanted were those white high tops with the cutout sides.  I had to settle for my big sisters ‘hand me downs’

Q. What brands are you wearing these days? 

Heather: Just Female & Cheap Monday fills my closet

Q. What are you currently reading?

Heather: The Power of Now

Q. Which music artists you feeling as of late? 

Heather: Frank Ocean all the way!  “you bitches want Nikeeeeees” ;)

Q. Where’s your next travel to?

Heading out to Vancouver tomorrow for an across Canada trip previewing the latest collections from Cheap Monday, Just Female and I Love Ugly

Q. What does a perfect start to your day look like?

2 taps of the snooze button and then enjoying an Americano at home watching the news before getting ready for a busy day at the showroom.

  • Name: Heather Favalaro
  • Work Title: Sales Manager – C2 Apparel
  • Instagram: @heathfav
  • Current City: Toronto, ON

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